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Representation, SUpervision & Coordination

Representation, SUpervision & Coordination
Aviation is a complex business and when the information flow between the relevant parties is less than comprehensive, or a revised arrival/departure time occurs it creates issues for passengers, 3rd party suppliers and service providers alike.

The UK has fast changing regulations relating to COVID-19, with numerous obligations placed on the traveller prior to arrival and after entry, which we can provide assistance with.

Having a representative in situ to anticipate, manage and mitigate these situations is a sound investment to ensure passengers are, at worst, minimally affected and at best unaware of any last minute logistical changes or arrangements being made.

Cargo Operations Supervision

Cargo Operations Supervision
Cargo operations are extremely time sensitive, which requires high levels of coordination between all parties to ensure a swift turnaround of the aircraft.

We provide supervision and coordination on the ground, starting well before the aircraft's arrival, to ensure Cargo Handlers, Fuel providers and other agents are aware of any alteration to the scheduled arrival time and all equipment and documentation is ready for the aircraft's arrival on stand.

Throughout the ground operations, we provide liaison between the Flight Crew, Loadmasters, Ground Ops teams, Dispatch Teams at aircraft home Base and other 3rd party service providers to ensure the turnaround is smooth and timely, keeping all informed of progress and anticipating any avoidable delays with proactive management.

Global Agent Network

Global Agent Network
QFE Zero has formed a strategic partnership with the Global Agent Network to provide independent Representation, Supervision and Coordination of ground services at FBO’s and airports worldwide.

We have established relationships with experienced and recognised aviation professionals in our sector around the globe and agreed best practices for consistent and high quality service delivery.

Our agent network delivers high touch concierge services, dedicated to just one aircraft at a time, to;
  • anticipate avoidable oversights and reduce risk
  • manage potential issues, by coordinating all 3rd party service providers in situ
  • mitigate the effects of unforeseen events, by providing direct liaison with your ops team
to ensure passengers’ transit of the FBO is as smooth and uneventful as possible.

To discover the countries and locations served, please check the interactive map HERE

To arrange Representation, Supervision and Coordination for your flights and passengers, or discuss further your requirements, please use the details on the CONTACT page


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